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Difficult Materials

Design and development of the machines needed for these operations was accomplished by Conigliaro Industries’ Vice President of Operations and Engineering, Anthony Conigliaro, holder of many U.S. Product and Process Patents. Conigliaro Industries has three engineers on staff and maintains and operates a state-of-the-art laboratory. This laboratory operates under the auspices of Conigliaro Industries’ “Can It Be Recycled?” Program, a program designed to help generators of unique and difficult wastes to recycle.

As more and more “unique” #3 - #7 plastic material combinations were sent to Conigliaro Industries’ lab for analysis, the decision was made internally to develop a viable market for these difficult materials. A processing line was developed and an asphalt products manufacturer was contacted.

With Conigliaro Industries’ urging, they applied for and were granted several BUD’s for the inclusion of mixed plastics, #3 - #7, into their product line of “asphalt matrix” products. Over the last several years, Conigliaro Industries has built the volume of processed #3 - #7 plastics to almost 250,000 pounds per month with a total capacity of 35,000,000 pounds per year.

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