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Are You Seeking a Low-Cost Alternative Fuel for Your Kilns?

Conigliaro Industries produces Mixed Plastics Grind suitable for use as an alternative kiln fuel.

Conigliaro Industries is currently seeking additional "end users" for our mixed plastics grind. The material is high in BTU's, uniformly sized, and easily moved using standard material handling equipment.

This material has the following specifications:

Material Source Computer & Electronic Housings, Molder's & Manufacturer's Scrap, Industrial Plastics of All Types, Mixed Flower Pots and Seedling Trays, Off-Spec or Contaminated Resin Pellets, Mixed Consumer Plastics
Material Content
Mixed Plastics #1-#7 40% Rubber and Rubber Compounds
30% PVC
20% PC/ABS/Computer Housings
10% Polyolefins
(% subject to some variation)
NOTE: Percentages of each plastic type may be slightly adjusted to meet customer needs.
Average Size 3/4" minus
Average Density 815 pounds per cubic yard
Estimated BTU Content 14,000 BTUs/pound
Current Quantity 100,000 pounds per day
Potential Quantity 800,000 pounds per day

For more information, please contact our Product Sales Department.

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