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Computer Recycling

With the advent of the most recent technological revolution, the life span of most computers and electronics has shortened dramatically. Currently, for example, Conigliaro Industries has already begun to receive and scrap “486” computers—computers that were state of the art just three years ago.

In addition, the advent of High Definition Television “HDTV” translates into enormous volumes of projected computer and electronic (“C & E”) scrap. This volume is expected to be increased further by the Massachusetts DEP's proposed CRT Landfill Ban. The expected influx of waste C & E materials will be further increased by the proposed shut down of analog TV signals in favor of digital signals by the year 2005; this analog shut down essentially makes all older TVs and their associated housings completely obsolete.

Perceiving an opportunity, Conigliaro Industries identified this huge volume of #3-#7 plastic and with the help of the American Plastics Council and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has now retrofitted our original processing line, developing a viable, high volume processing line for this material.

Early in 1998, in its ongoing effort to vertically integrate, Conigliaro Industries began to seek additional enduses for the #3-#7 plastic scrap. Cold Patch, an asphalt-like material used specifically to mend and/or patch large cracks and potholes in a paved area, was identified as a viable product. Conigliaro Industries is currently constructing a full-scale Cold Patch Manufacturing Operation.

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