Over 700 million pounds recycled since 1990


30 Years


This list is subject to change based upon current state of recyclable material end markets. This is especially true for unique materials. Please call (888) CONIG-25 to discuss your specific recycling needs.
150 Plus items that can be recycled
ABS Computer Trays Glass, Brown Plastic Film
ABS Plastic Glass, Clear Plate Plastic Housings
ABS Regrind Glass, Green Plastic Pallets
Alum Scrap Glass, Mixed Bottle Plastic Pipe
Asphalt Paving Glass, Mixed Color Plastics #3-#7
Asphalt Shingles Gypsum Porcelain items
Auto Bumpers HDPE # 2 - Baled PP - Rope
Auto Dealer Mix HDPE Containers PP #5 Film
Ballasts HDPE Crate Grade PP Foam
Batteries - Lith/Ion HDPE Drums PP Non-Woven
Batteries - Lithium HDPE Milk Bottles PP Regrind
Batteries - Mercury HDPE Molders Waste PP Rigid
Batteries - NiCad HDPE Tanks/Trays PP Woven
Batteries - SilOxide HDPE Turnings PS Rigid Plastic
Batteries - Sorting HDPE/LDPE Film PS#6 - Rigid
Batteries, Carbonair HH Debris PUR Foam
Batteries, Household HID Lamps PVC Flex Roof
Batteries, Nickel Hotel Recyclables PVC IC Tubes
Biotech Plastics Household Materials PVC ID Cards
Biotech Recyclables Industrial Mix PVC IV Bags
Brick/Concrete Mix Latex Foam PVC Scrap
Bronze LDPE Foam PVC Siding
Bubble Wrap LDPE Plastics PVC
Bulk Plastics LDPE/PP/EPS Foam Retail Carpet Square
Business Machine Housing Lead Acid Batteries Retail Kiosks
C & D Debris Lead Gel Batteries Retail
Cable Housing Light Bulbs/No Merc Rigid plastics
Cardboard Cores Light Iron Roof Ballast Rock
Carpet - N6 Magazines Rubber Tires
Carpet - N66 Mattress Fluff Rubber
Carpet - PET Mattress Quilt Scrap Sand/Agg Fines
Carpet - PP Mattress Springs Single Stream
Carpet - WTE Mattresses Slate Shingles
Ceiling Tiles Metal Door Cutout Solder Dross
Chipboard Metal Drums Steel Cans
Circuit Boards/Pop Metal Fixtures Steel Disks
Circuit Boards/UnPop Metal Framed Windows Stumps/Brush
Clothing Metal Machinery Textiles
College Recyclables Metal Motors Titanium Chips
Commingled Metal Wire Spools Toner Cart
Compact Disks Metal TPO Membrane Baled
Computer Electronics Mixed C&E Treated Wood
Computer Paper Mixed Drums Uph Furniture
Concrete Mixed Paper VHO Powergrooves
Copper Mixed Plas Agg White Goods W/Freon
Corrug/Mix Paper Mixed Wood White Goods
Corrugated Boxes Munip Plas #1-#7 Windows
CPU Newspaper Wire
Crepe Paper Nylon Regrind Wood Pallets
CRT's Each Obsolete Boxes Goods Wood, misc.
Drums Ofc Cleanout Debris Work Surfaces
Electrical Meters Ofc Partitions
EPDM OR Plastics
EPS Foam Other Lamps
EPS Foam/Food Related Outthrow
Fiber Board Paper Files
Fiber Drums Paper Stock
Film Plastics PC Eng Plastic
Flower Pots PC Water Bottles
Fluor Bulbs Compact PE Film
Fluor Bulbs Personal Computer
Foam Insul/Composite PET Fluff/PVC
Foam Insul/EPS PET Mylar Film
Foam Insul/ISO PET Rolls
Foam Insul/XEPS PET Soda Bottles
Foam plastics PET Strapping
Fork Trucks PET Trays
Furniture PET/HDPE Plastic
Glass Bottles Pill Bottles
Glass Vials Plastic Aggregate

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • The 1990 Coastsweep Kickoff was a great success thanks to your support! Although the day got off to a rainy start, it certainly didn't dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic volunteers that came out to keep our Massachusetts beaches clean.

    Conigliaro Industries contribution of adding a recycling component to the cleanup effort was invaluable. We appreciate your generosity and the cooperation displayed by your fine staff. Your concern and commitment to our environment and the community is a great example to other business leaders.

    Coastsweep Kickoff
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Michael S. Dukakis,
    former Governor
  • "Through Conigliaro's cost effective and reliable service, we've been able to provide carpet reclamation services to more and more Bentley Prince Street customers in the New England area. Helping our customers divert their existing carpet from the landfill after installing new Bentley Prince Street carpet and carpet tile has been made easier and cheaper in the New England area through Conigliaro's container rentals, drop trailers, live load pickups, and carpet reclamation services. Thanks Conigliaro for helping Bentley Prince Street and our customers keep carpet out of the landfill!"
    Sean Higbee, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital
    Bedford, Massachusetts
    Healthcare facilities generate the most unique and challenging waste streams possible. Atthe Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, not only is our hospital waste stream diversified and unusual, our potential recyclables are as well. Our facility generates and recycles paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metal, plastics, rubber, textiles, construction and demolition debris, batteries, fluorescent lamps, and more. If it can be recycled, we are recycling it.

    In June 1996, I approached Greg Conigliaro of Conigliaro Industries about developing a total recycling program. I knew nothing about recycling. Greg has a vast store of knowledge and an enthusiastic interest in sharing that knowledge. Step-by-step, Greg helped us put together a total recycling program.

    Since our partnership, Conigliaro Industries and our dedicated hospital "Green Team" have developed one of the most successful hospital recycle programs in the country. Our recycle program won the MassRecycle Institutional Recycling Award. We were presented at The National Recycling Coalition two years in a row. We received two Certificates of Achievement from the Federal Environmental Executive and we have been nominated for the White House Closing the Circle 2000 Award. In fiscal year 1999, we recycled 950,564 pounds of materials, an incredible 46% of out total waste stream!

    I cannot say enough about the leadership and professionalism of Greg Conigliaro and Conigliaro Industries.

    David Maine, Environmental Care Specialist
  • "Conigliaro has been a huge asset to the Town of Franklin spanning many departments in the DPW from recycling concrete buildings to expanding our Recycling Center offerings. We have added key products for recycling such as Styrofoam, mattresses, box springs and carpeting. Turn around is fast and service excellent."
    Chris White, Solid Waste Coordinator, Franklin DPW
  • Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for the very informative tour of your facilities. The courtesies extended to our group from MARSHALLS were deeply appreciated. I also found your explanation of each of the many tasks that you perform to be extremely interesting. Couple this with the sheer magnitude of your entire operation, it is clear why your company is a leader in its field.
    Thank you again. We were all truly impressed.
    Cory Lovett,
    Maintenance Manager
    Framingham, Massachusetts
  • I wanted to take the time to thank Conigliaro Industries for helping us to recycle at the high school. Specifically, your company's efforts in helping us dispose consciously of over 1,000 old math text books is much appreciated.

    Even more exciting is given the success of the recycling efforts of the Math Department, Framingham High School has decided to recycle even more textbooks on a school-wide basis.

    Thanks again for your efforts. Keep up the great work in trying to conserve the limited resources that the world has to offer.

    Framingham High School
    Framingham, Massachusetts
    Jeffrey Gaglione,
    Math Department
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services. I appreciate your quick response in the past to all pickup requests, as well as your efforts to keep the rates as low as possible for school systems. You have been a valuable resource on recycling and related issues.
    Weston Public Schools
    Weston, Massachusetts
    Penny Theall,
    Director of Food Services

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